Movement and Posture


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In our pursuit to offer holistic care that treats the causes, not just the symptoms and results in prevention of problems in the future, we decided to offer a new service. The Movement and Posture class, led by Vasil Zelymov, aims to go into depth into correction and prevention of postural issues. Poor posture is a widespread concern that can lead to musculoskeletal problems like back pain, neck strain, and limited range of motion. Often, our posture gradually becomes poor without us even realizing it, resulting in underlying mechanical issues within the body.

Movement and Posture class is a result of combining the specialty of Osteopathy in identifying postural imbalances with Vasil Zelyamov's expertise in developing personalized strategies for harmonious body training. Through targeted exercises, corrective movements, and mindful body awareness, participants can gradually correct their posture and develop a more balanced and aligned physique.

Vasil Zelyamov's sessions at Osteomed are one-on-one, allowing to address personal needs. Communicating with the osteopathic practitioners, Vasil Zelyamov ensures a comprehensive plan that will consider the weak zones and work carefully around the symptoms. Each session includes a customized program, featuring exercises and techniques specifically chosen to meet the person's requirements. To support the practice outside of the sessions, the program also includes video materials that demonstrate proper exercise execution.

By combining osteopathic treatments with Vasil Zelyamov's expertise in specialized movement training, individuals can achieve long-lasting results. Through improved posture and movement harmony, individuals can experience enhanced overall well-being and a reduced risk of future symptoms and injuries.