Emma Martinot
M.Ost., D.O.

Emma is a Dutch national who grew up in Devon, England. After finishing her schooling in the UK she travelled and worked around Western Europe and New Zealand for 8 years. Her interest in osteopathy arose after she had amazing results from the osteopathic treatment of one of her many sports injuries. Because of this Emma decided to return to education, and found her vocation with osteopathy.

After meeting Anna Nikova at the European School of Osteopathy whilst training for their Masters degree, Emma decided to come to Bulgaria to set up the first ever osteopathic practice in the country, to spread the knowledge and understanding of osteopathy.

Emma’s experience and interest lies in all areas of osteopathy. She loves treating babies and children as they respond so well to treatment, and she is also interested in treating acute and chronic pain and functional problems, and due to her sporting background she has a specific interest in sports therapy and rehabilitation. Hand in hand with the Osteopathy she implements lifestyle changes and self-management advice necessary to help your problem.

Emma is a keen sports person, particularly snowboarding and downhill/enduro biking, and spends most her free time in the mountains and/or travelling.

Prior to coming to Bulgaria, Emma has worked at Osteo & Physio, in Cullompton, UK.

Anna Nikova  
M.Ost., D.O.

Anna Nikova decided to study osteopathy in England after having visited an osteopath just once. Anna had been suffering from back pain, and she was so impressed with the single osteopathic treatment she had, that she decided to change her occupation and practice osteopathy herself. Prior to that Anna had graduated Journalism and Economics at the American University in Bulgaria.

Already from the first lectures at the European School of Osteopathy, Anna was confident she had found her vocation. She studied with joy throughout the 4 years, her motivation showing by graduating with a First Class Honours.

After working for some time in England, Anna felt that she would be more useful in Bulgaria. She believes that Bulgaria needs a logical, accessible, scientific and natural therapy – such as osteopathy. So she returned to her hometown of Sofia, where she now owns, runs, and practices as an osteopath in Bulgaria’s first ever osteopathic practice.

Anna loves to explore nature and enjoys mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking and cycling.

Before she returned to Bulgaria, Anna has worked at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic and at the Estuary Clinic both in Devon, UK.

Ivan Georgiev  

Ivan grew up and lived in the city of Razgrad, Bulgaria. He studied kinesitherapy at Ruse University, before moving to the United States to complete his studies in Physiotherapy.

In 2012 he moved to London, where he met with Osteopathy through some colleagues. He was immediately intrigued, and decided to study at the British School of Osteopathy, London. He quickly felt that Osteopathy was the best overall physical health tool, and understood he could use it to help people suffering from many different musculoskeletal and systemic issues.

Due to his varied physical therapy background, Ivan has a broad approach that helps him to treat and rehabilitate a wide variety of disorders. His treatment approach lies in both structural and functional techniques, and due to his sporting background (basketball and volleyball) ha has a keen interest in sports therapy  and rehabilitation.

After graduation in 2017, Ivan returned to Bulgaria in his wish to show and apply his knowledge to the Bulgarian population. He has worked for 1.5 years in his home city of Razgrad as a part of a rehabilitation clinic with a variety of patients, before joining the OsteoMed team in 2019.