Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic medicine is based on anatomy and physiology and the same knowledge as traditional medicine. The difference is that the treatment is done only with hands. Osteopaths are musculo-skeletal experts, but this does not confine them to only treat the musculo-skeletela system. On the contrary – it allows the deeper structures and tissues to be treated, using the ‘superficial’ muscles and bones. For example, freeing the ribs, the diaphragm, the shoulders and the neck, allows the respiratory system to function better, which in turn improves the circulation and so on. Or the other way around – improved circulation and lymph drainage reduces inflammation in the joints and muscles, and accelarates thier healing.

Using exactly those close connections in the body, the osteopaths strives to improve the functioning of all systems and tissues, associated with a certain complaint and the reasons for it. Thus, osteopaths are qualified to diagnose and treat many different acute or chronic conditions – from sports injuries and arthritis, to the symptoms of digestive conditions, headaches, and sleep disorders.