Emma Martinot

principle osteopath

Emma Martinot is a Dutch national who grew up in Devon, England. After finishing her schooling in the UK she travelled and worked around Western Europe and New Zealand for eight years. Her interest in osteopathy arose after she had impressive results from the osteopathic treatment of one of her many sports injuries. Because of this, Emma decided to return to education and found her vocation as an osteopath.

Emma’s experience and interest lies in all areas of osteopathy. Due to her sporting background and long history of injuries, she has a particular interest in sports therapy and rehabilitation, with a functional approach to any musculoskeletal problem. She also has a keen interest in treating babies and pre-natal mums. Hand in hand with Osteopathy she implements lifestyle changes and self-management advice necessary to help your problem. 

Emma’s hobbies are particularly snowboarding and downhill mountain biking, and she spends most of her free time in the mountains and/or travelling. 

Prior to coming to Bulgaria Emma was a self-employed osteopath, and also worked at Osteo & Physio, in Cullompton, UK.

Anna Nikova  

principle osteopath 

Anna Nikova decided to study osteopathy in England after having visited an osteopath just once. Anna had been suffering from back pain, and she was so impressed with the single osteopathic treatment she had, that years later she decided to change her occupation and practice osteopathy herself. 

Already from the first lectures at the European School of Osteopathy, Anna was confident she had found her vocation. She studied with joy throughout the 4 years, her motivation showing by graduating with a First Class Honours. After working for some time in England, Anna didn’t feel very motivated to work abroad and knew that she would be more useful in Bulgaria.

Anna uses a wide range of techniques, depending on everyone’s needs, but has a special interest in cranial osteopathy and the subtle techniques of osteopathy that work on the fascia, nervous system and psychosomatics. Anna has also completed a course in nutrition therapy and has a special interest in the impact of food on health.

Anna loves nature, especially the mountains and spends at least one day a week in the wilderness. She loves the silence and meditative effect of winter hiking, but she also rides a bike and kayaks in the summer. 

Before she returned to Bulgaria, Anna has worked at Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic and at Estuary Clinic both in Devon, UK

Hristian Drosev

associate osteopath

Hristian Drosev graduated from the English Language School in Burgas, before his love for sports took him to Africa and Western Europe where he worked as a bike guide. His interest in physiotherapy and osteopathy was sparked after one of his many sports injuries endured during this time. 

Hristian decided to complete his higher education in Physiotherapy at Vasil Levski National  Sports Academy of Sciences in Sofia, passing with an honorary degree. He decided to pursue a professional path in Frankfurt, Germany, where he  worked with the women’s soccer team – FСC Frankfurt.  

Hristian developed his interest in osteopathy and completed a two-year course in Manual Therapy Osteopathic Concept, and training in Jaw Therapy (TMJ Dysfunctions). From there, he continued on to his ultimate goal – he graduated a four- year Osteopathy course with the international department of the European School of Osteopathy, England. 

Hristian decided to slowly return to Bulgaria, where he feels he can benefit people greatly with his knowledge of musculoskeletal and functional health. 

He continues to do sports, focusing on mountain and road biking, and travels often with his family.  

Other Specialists

Vasil Zelyamov

movement teacher

In 2018 Vasil graduated from Dance Port Derida – an intensive training program for contemporary dance at Derida Dance Center.  He began to work actively in the field of contemporary dance and physical theater with the Derida Company, as well as with other Bulgarian and foreign choreographers and directors. Later he went to Israel, where he completed his first choreographic project. There, he touched on the work of Ido Portal and his modus operandi – Movement Culture, from which Vasil’s work is strongly inspired and influenced. To this day, Vasil defines this event as a turning point for his development in movement and training, as both a practitioner and teacher.  

After Vasil returned to Bulgaria, he was strongly provoked to further develop his understanding of the body and its movement. In the following years, he continued his intensive path of development, learning from the Ido Portal team and participating in workshops and seminars with some of the best teachers in the movement world. Vasil has gone through an intensive two year course via the Movement Culture platform. 

As a natural step in practice, Vasil developed his teaching practice to share his experiences within the movement and training field.  He actively leads his group practice and organizes workshops related to these methods.  During his career, he did not have many injuries, but a severe back injury took him out of his usual physical practice for a long period, but subsequently it opened a new door in his work focused on recovery and rehabilitation through movement. instagram.com/vasil.zelyamov/

Marina Vasileva

thai masseuse

Marina Vasileva graduated Economics, but motivated by her desire to help others, started her thai massage training in Thailand in 2007. She attended a number of courses at the “Sunshine massage school”, with the prestigious teacher Pichest  Boonthummem, one of the most famous masters of Thai massage, teacher of Asokananda (Harald Brust) who made Thai massage training known to the western world.

In 2009 she continued her studies in Greece with Krishnatakis and David Lutt “dynamic thai massage”, and with Kalin Nenkov in 2023. Over the years, she attended various other body work courses, including Vasil Levski National Academy of Classical and Oriental Massages.

Marina training has been inspired by the understanding that these techniques will help many people manage their physical issues. In addition to Thai massage, Marina has knowledge and experience in various therapeutic techniques and how they improve the quality of life, relieve stress and tension and relax the body.

In her spare time she likes to travel and spend time with her family and friends.