How we trained

The European School of Osteopathy

Emma Martinot and Anna Nikova are trained up to a Master degree (Level 7) at the European School of Osteopathy, England, which is part of the University of Greenwich. The 4 year training program amounts to 3,000 hours contact time, with 1,200 hours in the teaching clinic. Students work in the fully functioning and highly busy clinic for a 2 year period, where sessions are supervised by a clinic tutor. For the current module hours for the 2014/15 academic year click here

The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science has approved the diplomas of Emma and Anna.

The training program includes:

Clinical studies:

• Clinical anatomy
• Musculoskeletal anatomy
• Physiology and neurology
• Pathology and orthopaedics
• Orthopaedic testing
• General medical screening
• Clinical neurology
• Paediatrics and obstetrics
• Biomechanics
• Pharmacology
• Psychology
• Medical imaging
• Differential diagnosis
• Nutrition
• Prosection

Osteopathic studies:

• Osteopathic concepts and evaluation
• Physical evaluation
• General Osteopathic Technique
• Specific Adjustment Technique
• Muscle Energy Technique
• Structural Techniques
• Cranial Osteopathy
• Sports Osteopathy
• Visceral Technique
• Indirect Technique
• Involuntary Mechanism
• Balanced Ligamentous Tension
• Osteopathic care of children/obstetrics

Professional development and research:

• Practitionership
• Level 7 research dissertation
• Research methodology
• Statistics

Clinical experience:

• Approximately 1,200 hours within the teaching clinic
• 50 new patients over 2 academic years, and unlimited amount of referral patients
• In total, the programme amounts to approximately 3,000 hours

Safety and regulation

In Bulgaria osteopathy is not regulated and anyone can call herself/himself osteopath, even after a short course without the required qualifications. Our osteopaths are the first ever fully certified osteopaths in Bulgaria, that have successfully graduated a 4 year degree.

In England osteopaths are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). It is against the law to call yourself an osteopath unless you are qualified and registered with the GOsC. An osteopath will have completed a 4 or 5 year degree, in which a total of 1000 hours are spent in an osteopathic clinic. They must continue to expand and update their training with a yearly minimum of 32 hours Continued Professional Development (CPD). Emma Martinot and Anna Nikova have been qualified members of the GOsC, after they had completed all the requirements and exams.

Diplomas and approval by local authorities:
  • UNI EM
  • MON EM
  • UNI AN
  • MON AN