Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic medicine is a system of diagnoses and treatment for many different physical problems. Using a holistic approach, osteopathy doesn’t just aim to improve your symptoms, but addresses the root cause of your problem. By improving your overall function and health, recurrence is also minimised. 

As musculoskeletal experts, osteopaths are trained to diagnose both orthopaedic and functional issues. This includes sports and recreational injury, general or specific muscle and joint pain, spinal and peripheral neurological issues, acute and chronic problems such as back or neck pain, and postural problems such as work related pain. 

Osteopathic treatment does not focus only on the area of complaint. By addressing the surrounding joints, soft tissue, muscles and mechanics, the end result is long term. For this reason, the examination and treatment will include the minimum of the upper triangle (upper trunk, upper limbs, head and neck) or the lower triangle (lover trunk, pelvis, lower limbs, and feet). 

By improving the soft tissue, muscle, and joint movement and condition, the blood and lymph circulation also improves. This helps reduce any inflammation, increases tissue health, and therefore speeds up the natural healing process. 

We aim for better function, better movement, and better life.